Aqua Clear Engineering, Inc. (ACE) is an industrial water treatment firm that is dedicated to providing the most advanced water treatment technology, service and chemicals. We specialize in providing custom designed water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems along with full service water treatment programs designed to minimize our customers' handling and labor.

In addition to our premium chemical programs and services, ACE offers a proven, reliable solution for maximizing energy and water efficiencies by up to 40%, while minimizing the environmental impacts of cooling towers. The ACE High Cycle Program is a "State of the Art" cooling tower chemistry that allows high TDS and low discharge with limited to no chemical use. ACE works with commercial building owners/managers, and institutional/industrial organizations to drive down energy and water costs through a clean, comprehensive water treatment system that delivers consistent, measurable results. The ACE High Cycle Program provides a comprehensive solution including a patented water treatment system and leading-edge remote performance monitoring capabilities, all supported by a comprehensive service program to ensure that customers receive the maximum return on their clean cooling tower water treatment system investments.

ACE has the expertise and commitment to help solve virtually any water-related problem. We utilize modern and comprehensive Electronic Field Service Reports emailed upon the completion of each service visit, maximizing communication to our customers. Our field representatives are well-trained and backed by some of the most experienced water treatment specialists in the business. Our Total System Approach allows us to provide custom water treatment solutions that will make a bottom line difference to your operation.

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